Sometimes we have to laugh. Otherwise, we might cry.

Looking at the state the human race finds itself in, you could react two ways. You could lampoon current events a la Saturday Night Live did recently of the Senate hearing into sexual assault allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Another is to satirise the coverage of said events. One of my favourite political satirists/ comedians is Tom Walker and his character Jonathon Pie, an irate news reporter. The language can be very strong, but I come away from many of his pieces both laughing and nodding my head at the points he has raised. The world is a complicated and wonderful place full of contradictions and things that simply don’t make sense. But sometimes you have to stop, take a look at what’s happening and ask yourself ‘What the f*@$ is going on?!’

We have a government in crisis, squabbling over how to leave the European Union, from a result of a non-binding referendum that was called in an ill-judged attempt to quell Conservative party divisions. That has given rise to some utter morons, like that most persistent of over-inflated Tory windbags Boris Johnson, and some truly scary individuals like Jacob Rees-Mogg, a man with the look and demeanour of Walter the Softy and the politics of Genghis Khan. The question remains why are TV shows and news outlets giving him so much airtime? In the grand scheme of things he’s really not that important. You can certainly make fun of the way he carries himself, the editors of the Beano did that brilliantly when they sent him a cease and desist letter for ‘infringing copyrighted materials’. But his politics are really scary, he is a strong social conservative, anti-gay rights, seemingly a bit of a closeted misogynist. If he ever gets anywhere near No 10, I fear for the direction the country is taking.

That’s not helped by the situation in America, where the president readily mocks women in a press conference on the White House lawn, and at a rally in Minnesota where he openly mocked Christine Blasey Ford and her testimony against Brett Kavanaugh as well as the whole MeToo movement.

There is so much that could spin you into an absolute fury, send you effing and blinding all over the place. So sometimes you have to make it funny and laugh at the ridiculous side, otherwise you’d be spitting mad all the time.

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