Happy New Year! Here’s how 2019 can be better.

Well, 2018 has now been and gone. Some would say good riddance. And isn’t it weird that whenever a year draws to a close the phrase you hear most is something along the lines of “Here’s to an even better 2019”? It’s difficult to say what would make 2019 better than 2018, but by looking back on the year that just was may give us a clue as to where and how the year that is to come can be just that.


Need I say more? Article 50 was triggered nearly 2 years ago and instead of constructively working on a deal that delivers the best Brexit possible, without completely destroying the relationship we had with one of the biggest trading markets in the world and some of our closest allies, we have spent another year floundering around with political grandstanding, false bravado and still no concrete idea of what the bloody hell is going to happen come March. And with an Opposition who is more interested in trying to force another election than working in the national interest so that we don’t going flying over the cliff edge.

So basically, Parliament needs to sort its shit out, put differences aside, publicly admit that the EU is not going to start over in the negotiations and get this deal through Parliament. All who oppose this deal need to pull their heads out of their arses and get it through. We cannot afford to stall its passage in the hope that a second referendum is called or that Britain leaves the EU with no deal, depending on your point of view. So here, the way that Brexit can be better in 2019 is that the politicians work together to get the best possible outcome from a situation that was only ever going to loose poison in the British political scene.

Donald Trump

Again, what else do I need to say? The only way 2019 can be better than 2018 with regards to Trump is for him to be either impeached or to be angered to such a degree that he resigns in a fit of pique. This man is a sub-literate, paranoid egomaniac who mistakes shouting for charisma, who lies to people’s faces and stirs up racial tensions and hatred to serve his own ends. His sole purpose for running for president seems to have been 1) to be able to say ‘I am President of the United States’ and 2) to undo all the works of President Obama, out of spite. He does not deserve to be the elected leader of his country. The incoming Congress, especially the new Democratic House of Representatives may finally be able to hold this ignoramus of a president in check.

Basic human decency

Ultimately, this is not a issue that even applies to years. It should apply daily. Have your disagreements with people, hold a different opinion, don’t be afraid to express and debate it with others. But don’t be a dick about it. Don’t look down on others for their opinions. I used to look down my nose at people who didn’t like the same music as I do. But, in the end, no one in that debate is wrong. Same with politics, same with religion, same with what football team you support, what movies you like or dislike. Having respect for your fellow man should be a basic tenet of anyone’s life and without it, you find yourself in a corner by yourself. And that’s never good. For you or anyone else.

Me, Myself and I

And how can I make it a better year for me? Well… I have to say that right now I don’t know. I mean, my situation could be a lot worse. I have a roof over my head, I eat every day (even if my current diet is not the healthiest, Mum) and I get to indulge my hobbies. I get to play the guitar, play video games, go to the cinema, go to watch Chelsea, even write this blog. I have a job that helps me make my way. But there are things I can do to improve myself and my situation. I could eat better, do some exercise, look to forward my aspirations. It’s going to take work and I will need to keep myself on target. And that’s going to be the biggest challenge. There are many ways to distract yourself in the modern world and I will not try to claim that I can very willingly distract myself from whatever I should be doing. And if I want to progress both personally and in terms of what I want to do as a career, then I’ve got to be able to keep my focus on what I need to do on that day to get towards the end goal. Because I will have to some stuff I really would rather not do to get there.

So, to quote Greg Lake, ‘I wish you a great New Year. Let all anguish, pain and sadness leave your heart and let your road be clear.’

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