Musings of a blogger

I have been trying desperately to drum up an idea for a blog all week. Something that will just add a bit of variety to the content on this site. I really haven’t stepped outside of a few key topics on here for a while. I don’t necessarily think that is a bad thing though. Because what I write about are usually personal passions or interests. And if you’re interested in something, you tend to put a bit more into it and I think the end result is better; even if I sometimes rush the writing to post a new piece. What I usually write about on here can be put into three categories; football and sports in general, politics and entertainment. Aside from those topics I do occasionally write something slightly more personal. When I do, I always worry slightly. I’m naturally quite reserved as a person, and I don’t tend to share a lot of myself straight away. But I decided to share what I did on the site and it was very cathartic to write about experiences that I had kept pretty private.

And that’s what this blog has become for me. This is a place for me to write about anything I like. And wrangle my thoughts into a more coherent state. And that has helped me to actually put some things into context and enabled me to move on. Even writing this now is helping to sort through my thoughts. And that can only be a good thing. And I believe that being able to organise and codify, for lack of a better word, what I think about topics I focus on has really improved my writing. I’m far better not only at the mechanics of writing but I’m far more able to articulate what I want to say. For me that has been the real benefit of writing this blog for the last three-and-a-bit years. I’m in a much better position to write about my interests. And because I have had the site going for these last three years, I have a body of work that I can show to prospective employers and other content creators. Through this constant practice, I am in a better place to be able to step into the profession I want to be in and show off the bat that I can do it and do it well.

But it does become a little unstuck when you don’t want to keeping walking on well-trodden ground. Throughout the pandemic I have always been of the opinion that it does no good not to talk about COVID and that surrounds it. It is a futile exercise and try and pretend that it doesn’t exist and that we shouldn’t talk about it. COVID is the reason why we weren’t able to see our family over Christmas and had to change the way that we work, socialise and live generally. But I can absolutely understand the impulse not to want to talk about it. I understand it because I reached that threshold when trying to come with a topic for this blog. I looked through what I had been writing about recently and it was dominated by two things. Football and politics. I had hit my wall of enthusiasm for writing about those staple topics of mine. And looking through those pieces that I had written actually gave me a real sense of pride. I could see the progression of my writing through these pieces I had written. It gives me real impetus to keep going, trying to get to where I want to be. I want to do this as a job. This is what I want to be paid for doing. Because, beyond any monetary reward, it’s something I take pride in every time I sit down to write. It is what I feel I am meant to do while I am here. So, here’s to you Eat, Sleep, Blog, Repeat. Thanks to you, I am more certain than ever about what I want to do.

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