VAR still isn’t perfected yet.

Since last Sunday, we have seen a lot of talk about the refereeing team’s performance in the Chelsea vs Tottenham game. Because the long and the short of it is this. At least one of the two Tottenham goals should not have stood. I have made my support of Chelsea Football Club no secret over… Continue reading VAR still isn’t perfected yet.


A footballing week in review.

Despite there being no crowds, this has been a very good season. The football season continues on as we are forced to watch from afar. It will be wonderful to be able to go to live football again whenever it is deemed feasible. But despite the continued lack of supporters at grounds, it has been… Continue reading A footballing week in review.

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A Week in Review: 27th July-2nd August

I enjoyed this format from last week so I'm going to stick with it. As with last week, I'm going to pick a few news stories and give my opinion in a more condensed fashion, rather than write an extended piece on one subject. So, let's get into the week's news that caught my eye.… Continue reading A Week in Review: 27th July-2nd August


VAR is still making headlines for all the wrong reasons. Something needs to change.

The major talking point of the Premier League season so far has not been Liverpool's unbeaten run, or Manchester City's slip-ups or the fact that both North London clubs have sacked their managers. It has been the impact of VAR or Video Assistant Referee. Var was supposed to help the referees make the really tight,… Continue reading VAR is still making headlines for all the wrong reasons. Something needs to change.


VAR. Just… just VAR.

One of the main talking points for the last couple weeks in football has been Video Assistant Referee (VAR). It of course gave Manchester United the penalty from which they scored to complete their turnaround against Paris Saint Germain, Victor Lindelof having a red card overturned into a yellow, and then of course the lack… Continue reading VAR. Just… just VAR.