How to be ‘real’ on Instagram? Apparently the Conservatives need help with that.

This is genuinely the best political story I’ve read in the past few days.

The Conservatives need help making their MPs look ‘real’ on Instagram.

Yep. They had a powerpoint presentation and everything.

Now, I get why they might want to improve their social media strategy and making MPs more comfortable with another way of communicating the party message. Making television appearances is de riguer for politicians now, but look at clips of Richard Nixon in the 1960 presidential debates and he looks incredibly awkward, not comfortable in his skin. He looks shifty and not like someone to trust. And social media is a wonderful way of either staying connected with people, friends and family or staying connected with the wider world, whatever interests you. So why wouldn’t political parties take advantage of sites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to try and widen the net as it were? The vast majority of users of social media sites are 18-24 years old, right where voting participation is dangerously low.

But, I don’t want politicians worrying about their social media strategy and having training sessions on how to use Instagram, which presumably takes up party funds. I want them to be focused on their policies and doing what is right for the country. They are not paid for their Instagram shots. They are paid to represent the people who have elected them into office and to govern in the interest of the people if their party has a majority.

Ultimately, this story just made me laugh. The last time I had a powerpoint presentation to go through something was at my training course in journalism about two years ago. Tory MPs need a powerpoint to have Instagram explained to them.

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