Why the delay, Mr President?

Since Rudy Giuliani became the President’s legal spokesperson, he has done nothing but go on Fox and Friends and spout made up legal mumbo-jumbo about how the special prosecutor Robert Mueller and his team can’t subpoena the President of the United States, that the country would turn on them if they subpoenaed Ivanka Trump to interview her but that her husband Jared Kushner is disposable. But, as with many things Trump and his team come out with, these can be proven to be false by a combination of actual law and American history.

First, this idea that Trump would not be required to comply with a subpoena because as Giuliani put it ‘a president can’t be distracted.’ So, Nixon, Carter, Reagan, Clinton and Bush senior and W, weren’t distracted by the special prosecutors appointed to cases during their presidency, two which involved articles of impeachment being passed in the House of Representatives, and in Clinton’s case a full impeachment trial in the Senate. In fact, President Obama is the only president since Richard Nixon not to have a special prosecutor appointed during his entire presidency. The whole eight years from taking office in 2009 to when he left office in 2017. That’s seven presidents (elected presidents anyway) who had to continue to run their administrations while also worrying about a federal investigation, often about them or their administrations. two of which nearly saw a president impeached. So, a president must certainly will suffer from distractions, even if you’re not the most distractable president in modern history. And sorry Rudy, but the precedent has been set. U.S vs Richard Nixon, look up the result of that. Eight to zero, the court unanimously decided that PRESIDENT Richard Nixon had to comply with federal subpoenas demanding that he disclose the tapes of his secret recording system. Why would anyone decide that testimony is another thing entirely. The reason why Trump’s defence team will not agree to an interview with Robert Mueller is because they know that Donald Trump is incapable of telling the truth for any period of time longer than about three minutes. They keep saying that an interview will simply be a ‘perjury trap’. There is no such thing as a perjury trap, because a trap is something you cannot avoid or get out of. Avoiding the crime of perjury is simple. TELL. THE. TRUTH.

Also, why wouldn’t Robert Mueller be able to subpoena Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner? They are advisers to the President. They are citizens of the United States of America, subject to the laws of the USA. Simply because Ivanka Trump is a woman is neither here nor there, Mr Giuliani. Jared is disposable, but Ivanka is off limits? I don’t think so.

And to round it all off, there might have been a secret slush fund to pay off Stormy Daniels for her silence about a sexual encounter with Donald Trump just after his last child was born.She was paid off in October 2016, just before election day. And Trump is trying to claim he didn’t know he had reimbursed Michael Cohen.

Just another day at the Trump White House.

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