The need for political compromise

The art of compromise has seemingly been lost in politics. It is much more the political fashion to blame others for your country's troubles. Which is really, really worrying. America is a prime example of that, with the rhetoric of the President, and the party his insidious nature has ensnared, a constant stream of fear-mongering… Continue reading The need for political compromise

Why the delay, Mr President?

Since Rudy Giuliani became the President's legal spokesperson, he has done nothing but go on Fox and Friends and spout made up legal mumbo-jumbo about how the special prosecutor Robert Mueller and his team can't subpoena the President of the United States, that the country would turn on them if they subpoenaed Ivanka Trump to… Continue reading Why the delay, Mr President?

America and guns: Where does it end?

No one should be allowed to own a semi-automatic assault rifle. It is that simple. Military grade weapons have no place in civilian life, let alone being available to buy in a major retailer. And while the US Congress is frozen, the survivors of the tragedy have affected change elsewhere with their refusal to let… Continue reading America and guns: Where does it end?