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A Week in Review: 5th-11th October

Football petitions for fans’ return

All football organisations released an open letter this week urging the government to allow fans to return to grounds. I can understand why they are pushing for this. Almost every other entertainment venue, pub, restaurant is allowed to be open to a degree, but sporting events are largely banned from having anyone attend. This, of course has had a massive impact on the clubs lower down the pecking order, but it also just kind of ruins the game as a whole. I mean, the games we’ve seen so far in both Project Restart and the new season haven’t been bad, not by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, they have been absolutely cracking games of football. But just imagine what the atmosphere would have been like if fans had been at some of the games.

Football will always be better with fans in the ground. That is undisputable. The roar of a crowd when excitement builds, the songs that are sung. They make the game better to watch. For many clubs up and down the football pyramid, they are also the main source of income for the club. Many clubs in the Premier League can currently get by, because they have the backing of wealthy owners. Outside of the Premier League, clubs start to struggle until they collapse from the lack of continuing income. Wigan Athletic is a prime example of that, relegated more for going into administration than their performances last season. One slight upside is that non-league clubs are seeing record attendances as fans look more locally for their football fix. That is wonderful. I love seeing local get the support they deserve and for them to stay afloat during times like this. I can understand why the clubs are pushing for fans to return because for however much the bigger clubs make through various other outlets, the smaller clubs require the regular attendance of fans coming to the ground and then spending more money at the ground to keep themselves afloat. Unfortunately, that just isn’t going to be possible for the time being. With the regional traffic light lockdown system going into effect, it doesn’t look like that is going to be even close to being considered for some time yet.

Donald Trump is a complete idiot.

A real hot take I know, but bear with me on this. Because, there was a story out in the last week which gave us a glimpse into how his brain operates. Apparently, on his return from Walter Reed Medical Centre, Trump wanted to ‘appear frail’ before walking on to the balcony where he would rip open his shirt to reveal a blue t-shirt with the Superman logo on it. Yes, the President of the United States of America wanted to intimate that he is Superman. Because he, as President has access to the very best healthcare America has to offer, completely free of charge. And now, he’s proclaiming either that God has personally protected him or that he is some sort of superior being than the unwashed masses and he is the second coming. Which to his evangelical supporters, he probably is. But I’ve made my thoughts on religion clear before.

But this all speaks of the fact that his psychosis is such, his skin so thin, his ego, so fragile, that he must always be the best at everything, even if it’s a field he has no experience in. He would probably claim he’s a better basketball player than LeBron James, or a better fighter pilot than the Red Baron. Trump must always be the best at everything. His ego powers everything he does, every move he has made throughout his adult life. That’s why he lies about laws he has and hasn’t passed, often taking credit for bills that were signed into law by his predecessor, which he slightly modified. He claims he’s going to put something place that is already in place, but would be removed if he and the Republicans manage to repeal Obamacare. His brain will not allow him to have any humility at all. He only ran in the first place to ruin everything Obama every did in office because Obama cracked a joke at him at a White House Correspondents’ Dinner. This is American Conservatives’ Chosen One. A fat, balding septuagenarian who complains about everything being too politically correct, and then complains when the media that aren’t completely up his arse call him an idiot. Which he is.   

Lewis Hamilton equals Schumacher’s win record

I think anyone that tries to argue that Lewis Hamilton is not one of the great Formula One drivers needs their head examined. That does include Jackie Stewart. To me, it doesn’t matter what era Hamilton is driving in, he is now statistically the equally most successful driver in the history of the sport. He has now equalled Schumacher’s win record of 91 and will, without an unbelievable mishap, equal Schumacher’s number of Driver’s World Championships. But, as with most sport, it is almost impossible to compare across eras because circumstances and, in this case, the technology changes.

Hamilton is one of the greats of the sport, equalling records no one thought would be touched for a long time yet. Yes, he has had the best car for the majority of his time in the sport, but so did Schumacher when he set all his records in the first place. So has every world champion ever. No driver has won a world championship driving a crap car. You need the synergy between a car that is quick and better to drive than every other team’s and a top driver who will regularly win races in it. Hamilton and Mercedes have done that. That’s why they’ve been at the top of the tree for the entirety of the hybrid era. The new 2022 rules may well shake things up, and Mercedes may leave the sport in the near-ish future, but what they and Hamilton achieved can never sniffed at.

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